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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Fiver Friday February

Hey my lovelies, 

I hope you have been enjoying your first few weeks of 2014! So as explained in my previous post I will be doing a post every Friday in February of beauty products you can buy for under five pounds! This will be the first post, so I'm really excited! I am aware that it is Saturday but I was in Belgum on a school trip yesterday from four in the morning until eleven, so I'm really sorry it's slightly late! 

The first product is the 'Miss Sporty Pump Up Lash Mascara Booster' 
It is amazing! Oh my god, It is the best mascara I have ever used, much better than the Benefit's mascara which is the most raved about mascara! It adds definition and mascara, whilst lasting the whole day without smudging which I seem to have problems with most mascaras I have tried. It's so cheap and will continue to remain a staple in my makeup bag. - £2.99

The Second product is the infamous 'EOS Lipbalm in Strawberry Sorbet' 
It is the most amazing lip balm I have EVER tried, it is incredibly moisturising whilst tasting amazing. It gives a very subtle taste, and leaves your lips feeling silky soft. It also prevents lipstick feathering, which is really aggravating. It is really easy to apply and I love the packaging of it, its so cute and I take it every where! I love this! - £4.50 

The Third Product is 'Barrym Hi Shine Gel Nail Paint' 
These nail paints are AMAZING! They feel and look like gels whilst are only the fraction of the price! They last for around a week before they start to crack, which I do have a problem with and most other girls do. You don't need to bother with a clear layer, and you also don't need to apply hundreds of layers! There is a huge rang of beautiful colours! - £3.9

Fourth product is 'The Sleek Blushers' 
These blushers are so beautiful, they also double up as blushers and bronzers which are great if your on a budget! They have the biggest range of colours, and all are beautifully pigmented whilst giving you a beautiful radiant glow. - £4.50

The final product is the beauty cult product 'Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer' 
It conceals EVERYTHING! I have horrid dark circles and it completely covers them, it is by far the best concealer I have ever tried, and I have tried a lot. You do need to be slightly careful however as it can sometimes appear cake, as they have quite a small range of colors. I really would recommend this to anyone! It is widely popular and I've been trying to find a new one for about a month and everywhere I go its sold out! - £4.19

I really hope you liked this post as their is another two to go! I hope you have a wonderful valentines day, please leave a nice comment below and follow my blog, its great to now that I have some devoted readers! I am getting a lot of everyday viewers and it would be great to get to talk to some of you! 
Love Daisy x


  1. Very inspiring as a pupil in your school who knows about you conditoin I wouldnt worry about camp. No diecent person will make fun or anything.

    1. I hope so :( Thanks for commenting :D Your very inspiring with your condition too!

  2. I love when people found cheap makeup that's really good! I've got the eos balm, and I love it aswell! I will check these products out if I can find them somewhere. (I live in Sweden so sometimes stuff can't be found here.. ugh) Keep up the good work x

    1. Aw I'm glad you enjoyed this! Thank you so much for taking your time to read my blog and comment! Hope you can find these!x

    2. No problem! Your blog is wonderful. x

    3. Thanks again,I hope you like my recent posts!